Thursday, October 15, 2009


We're trying to get the house ready for The Kid. We've frantically begun to throw out or donate furniture, old clothes, blankets, pillows, etc., etc. It's very liberating to get rid of stuff. It's amazing to see how much STUFF we just gather. And really it's all just Stuff. Stuff we at some point think we'll need, or use. I really get critical of myself when I think about how much stuff I've bought that really wasn't a necessity. So I've decided to narrow things down a bit. Just minimize the number of things we have. It feels great.

First the kitchen. We have pots and pans for days. You'd think that I could bare that down to maybe 1/3 of what we have, and that will be my mission this weekend. Just look over everything we own, see what's worth keeping, and decide what stays and get rid of the rest.

I feel that the closer we get to being ready for The Kid, the more calm I get. I hope that when we are finally at the point where we feel ready, we'll be able to sit back, and just relax until The Kid is here. Maybe stock up on some sleep.

We're just preparing.

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