Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Off we go...

Tomorrow evening we'll be heading out to Pahrump. We'll make the trip and stop every hour, because The Kid loves to punch me in the bladder every so often. This may be our last trip to Pahrump for a while. By the time Christmas comes around I'll be far enough along that I won't be able to fathom making the 4 hour trip. Even with frequent stops. I'm sort of dreading it now, but I want to go more than anything. So we will go. After The Kid is here, I'm sure it'll be a while before we make the trip again. Family will just have to come to us. All a part of my evil plan to make my family and JT's family come to California.

My brothers, aunt and cousin will all be going to Nevada with us. I'm excited. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to spend the holiday with them, but thankfully I get the best of both worlds. It's wonderful.

JT's family is known for having an obscene amount of pies and desserts. I promise, that is not the reason I married him. Although, it was the cherry on top. I cannot wait!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting closer...

We're getting closer to being done moving. We have some minor cleaning and a few things to get from the old house, and then we're done. All that will be left is settling in.

We're getting closer to the end of this pregnancy. I go back to the Dr. in 2 weeks. I'm anxious that this will almost be the end.

We're getting closer to being in Nevada with my family and JT's family for the holiday. Just being close to all of them will make it a wonderful holiday.

We're getting closer to being prepared for The Kid. I think that once this move is completely done and Thanksgiving is over, we'll be able to start getting some things for The Kid.

We're getting closer to having this wonderful little guy in our lives. I just can't wait.

Friday, November 13, 2009


This week has been just hectic. Work has been hectic. Life has been hectic. Just hectic.

We are signing the paperwork for the new house we'll be renting tonight. Then we can start moving in. Trying to get all the utilities on and in our name ASAP, isn't always easy when some places are old school and require you to walk in there yourself. Who does that anymore? Seriously? So I'll take care of that Wednesday which will be our last 1 month appointment to the Dr. After Wednesday's appointment, we'll be going in every 2 weeks. The end is near.

Work has been a pain. A busy, hectic, nagging pain. But I'm employed, and I can seriously thank God for that. Money is good. The more work I feel like I did, the more came in. Fun, fun.

This weekend will be hectic with moving, but a good kind of hectic. The kind of hectic that will end with pancakes and new cupboards to fill with all our dishes. I love moving in to a new place, but oh the soreness I will feel. Umm...can't wait?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He will not sleep in a drawer...

We may have found a place. Like may have, to the point where I already notified our current landlord about us leaving. May have, like we may be able to move in this weekend. I'm excited, overwhelmed, and just ready to start. It's a roomier place than where we are now. 2 more bedrooms, and a nice big spacey back yard. The front yard is fenced in as well, which will make The Kid playing in the front yard a nice thing.

We will be signing lease agreements on Friday. I think it's great that we'll be able to go at our own pace for a few weeks. I can't do too much because of The Kid, and we are all hoping we still get to go to Pahrump for Thanksgiving. I miss JT's family. It'll be nice to see them all.

Now let's all cross our fingers that things continue to move forward with this.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A place to rest my head...

We've recently begun to think about moving. Again. It's frustrating because I know we need more space. I know we need to move to a place that works better for us. I'd love to buy a house, but we're not in a position to do that right now. I wish we were.

We thought about getting my other brother to move in with us and get a place that would have enough for for all of us. That way we'd be comfortable. We're trying to figure out the logistics of that. What with me being in my 3rd trimester already and not being able to move much of anything myself. Let alone packing...It sounds like a real chore.

Though I love the idea of having a space for The Kid. We'll see what happens. Right now it's all in the air.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Birthday bash!

Today is JT's birthday, and since it's a Monday and we can't fully celebrate all day, we had a bit of a celebration yesterday. We grilled some food, made him the sides he requested, Grilled Smashed Potatoes and Potato Salad. My boy truly is Irish. It was wonderful to just sit and talk with my family. They were all present to celebrate with us. I wouldn't have it any other way.

We had a great opportunity to just sit and go through an online registry. Mainly just to get us in the mind set that we need to start getting ready. I think we'll do fine, but I feel like I should be doing something to prepare. Maybe I should fish The Kid's blanket. I'm more than 3/4 of the way done. I should be able to finish this week.

Our anniversary is just around the corner. Just about 2 weeks. I keep thinking back to how amazing it is that this man I love married me, and together we've carved a life out for ourselves, and now we're adding to our family. I can't believe how blessed I am.

This weekend was truly amazing. I can't wait until JT's birthday next year. There will be another person to add to the festivities.