Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Kid...

We have your name picked out. We thought about making you the Third, but then decided you needed a different name. It's nice knowing what we'll name you. Now to get some Spanish speakers to pronounce it just so I get used to what it'll sound like to have my family members pronounce it.

When we first started mulling over names, we told people what we had been considering, and they all had their input. I like when people are being "fake nice", they tend to smile and pause first, and then say "Oh that's nice" or "Oh, I like it...". Because of that, I'm considering keeping The Kid's name to myself until he's here. It's easier to hand someone a baby and say, "This is our baby, his name is _____". Then they get to know the child, and the name is not even an issue. So we shall see.

I was raised with an odd name, so I wasn't looking forward to giving my child a name that no one could pronounce. Mainly it's a name that's unique, yet simple. We're giving him a great middle name too. I'm excited to meet out little guy. Just a round of holidays to go, and he'll be here.

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