Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Off we go...

Tomorrow evening we'll be heading out to Pahrump. We'll make the trip and stop every hour, because The Kid loves to punch me in the bladder every so often. This may be our last trip to Pahrump for a while. By the time Christmas comes around I'll be far enough along that I won't be able to fathom making the 4 hour trip. Even with frequent stops. I'm sort of dreading it now, but I want to go more than anything. So we will go. After The Kid is here, I'm sure it'll be a while before we make the trip again. Family will just have to come to us. All a part of my evil plan to make my family and JT's family come to California.

My brothers, aunt and cousin will all be going to Nevada with us. I'm excited. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to spend the holiday with them, but thankfully I get the best of both worlds. It's wonderful.

JT's family is known for having an obscene amount of pies and desserts. I promise, that is not the reason I married him. Although, it was the cherry on top. I cannot wait!

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