Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He will not sleep in a drawer...

We may have found a place. Like may have, to the point where I already notified our current landlord about us leaving. May have, like we may be able to move in this weekend. I'm excited, overwhelmed, and just ready to start. It's a roomier place than where we are now. 2 more bedrooms, and a nice big spacey back yard. The front yard is fenced in as well, which will make The Kid playing in the front yard a nice thing.

We will be signing lease agreements on Friday. I think it's great that we'll be able to go at our own pace for a few weeks. I can't do too much because of The Kid, and we are all hoping we still get to go to Pahrump for Thanksgiving. I miss JT's family. It'll be nice to see them all.

Now let's all cross our fingers that things continue to move forward with this.

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