Friday, November 13, 2009


This week has been just hectic. Work has been hectic. Life has been hectic. Just hectic.

We are signing the paperwork for the new house we'll be renting tonight. Then we can start moving in. Trying to get all the utilities on and in our name ASAP, isn't always easy when some places are old school and require you to walk in there yourself. Who does that anymore? Seriously? So I'll take care of that Wednesday which will be our last 1 month appointment to the Dr. After Wednesday's appointment, we'll be going in every 2 weeks. The end is near.

Work has been a pain. A busy, hectic, nagging pain. But I'm employed, and I can seriously thank God for that. Money is good. The more work I feel like I did, the more came in. Fun, fun.

This weekend will be hectic with moving, but a good kind of hectic. The kind of hectic that will end with pancakes and new cupboards to fill with all our dishes. I love moving in to a new place, but oh the soreness I will feel. Umm...can't wait?