Thursday, September 24, 2009

He's a maniac...

There are certain times when our boy starts moving around like crazy. I like to think he's dancing. Especially when it happens and there's music playing.

The last couple weeks Jason and I have been going to church together on Sundays. And while Jason plays music in his car, and I sit in the passenger side just listening and looking at people in their cars, I feel my baby start to boogy. Once at church, during our songs and worship, I can feel him really get down.

Once in a while it really does feel like he's tap dancing in there. It's an amazing little reminder that my boy's got a personality already. Are we in for a treat! JT was a character. Still is. And I was a smarty pants. So this should really be fun. I cannot wait until I get to meet this little guy. Tap shoes and all.

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