Friday, September 4, 2009

20 weeks...

5 months. 20 weeks. Holy cow time is really flying by. Life has been a whirlwind, which I'm sure only makes things go by that much faster. We're beginning to figure out what we'll do when the birth comes around. Dr's appointments and ultra sounds. It's exciting and all a little scary. I called and made an appointment for another ultra sound, because they want a better look at his heart. That scares me a bit. But I know that there's nothing I can do on my end, but wait it out and hopefully get another happy little look at my darling boy.

We go to Pahrump this weekend. I'm excited to talk to Cindy a little more about our birthing options. I want her to be my midwife, but being that she's in Nevada, it makes things difficult. If nothing more, I'll escape to Nevada for a week or so just to have this kid. I'm unsure of the actual birth. A little scared too.

This weekend I look forward to cooking, eating, playing games, watching movies, hanging out, and possibly swimming. Really just spending a nice long weekend with JT's family is always nice. I'm really happy my brothers are going with us. It makes for a more entertaining weekend. I love my family, they're all amazing, and I can't wait until I introduce this little boy to them all.

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