Friday, August 28, 2009

Sweet baby boy...

We sat and watched as the Dr. showed us your spine, heart, hands, feet, beautiful face and then she excalimed "Oh there you are, It's a boy!" JT smiled and I couldn't stop smiling either. The minute she said it, it sounded right. I'm the mother of a little boy. A boy that we will show all the cool things to. The little boy who will be interested in the world and I'll be more than happy to encourage his curiosity. The search for names has now begun. This should be fun.

I am excited and so anxious to meet my little boy.

My brother Jason took us out to dinner. He insisted it be a steak dinner. It was expensive, but he wanted to pay. Even when JT offered to pay. My brothers are excited and so are our families. I can't wait until he's here and I can tell him about how long we've waited for him to arrive.

Totally worth the wait.

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