Thursday, December 10, 2009


With a smile, a hug and some tears, I greeted my mother at the airport. She wrapped her arms around me and said 'Oh...How are you?!' I responded that I was doing great. And then she put her hand on my belly and asked 'How's my baby doing?'...with that it all felt right.

She told me her stories of pregnancy and motherhood as we drove home. My other family members were in the car too, but it could have just been us. Me and my mom. She caught me up on news of the family in Guatemala, and how my dad was doing. Turns out, they're great. My dad is bummed he couldn't come out too, but he's good.

Having my mom here is one step closer to this baby coming. Having her close to me just makes everything feel like it is in its place. Now to get my dad here.

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