Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthdays and baby showers and ultrasounds...

The 12th I had a surprise baby shower at church. It was lovely. The weather was horrible, so maybe 1/2 of the people that were going to be there showed up, but you couldn't even tell. The food was amazing, the games were fun (I won 1 of them), and I got more clothes than this baby may be able to wear.

The 15th I had an ultrasound. My mom got to catch a fuzzy glimpse at her first grandchild. It was grainy and hard to see. I did make out cute chubby toes. I can't wait. He seems to be measuring on-point with his due date, but the Dr. will talk to me more about it tomorrow at my appointment.

The 16th was my birthday. 28 years. I never thought I'd be pregnant at 28. A mom at 28. I had just assumed that by now this would be old hat for me. I'm glad this is how it's happening though, because The Kid comes at a perfect time for us. We're mature, and ready to teach him all we know. And we're ready to learn a ton from him.

At this point I feel ready to have this baby. I feel like we're prepared and now all that's left is some last minute Christmas shopping and to enjoy the holidays with family. What a good way to finish off this pregnancy. Family, food, and fun.

OK Kid, come when you're ready.

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