Thursday, July 9, 2009

I saw you today...

I lay down, and stare at a screen up on the wall. The kind lady with the latex gloves on says "This is warm" and puts goop on my belly. Then she begins. All I see is black and shades of gray. She zooms in, and there you are. First I can see your head. Then your hands, up on your face. And a fluttering heart. It's all so odd, and beautiful. And then I see you putting your hands up and down, moving them around. I laughed, and just fell more in love with you.

In that moment, you became my reason for getting up in the morning. For making myself go to the gym. For eating the less appetizing, but better for me food. For everything. In that moment, I changed. I'm showing everyone the little gray pictures they gave me. And I'm excited that you are alive and well in there. I'll make sure to take good care of us.

Turns out I'm not at 13 weeks today as the Dr. previously thought. Instead my due date is being moved to January 23rd. Let's hope your Uncle Evan is happy you'll be close to his birthday. So I'm stuck at 11 weeks, going on 12. Frustrating because I want to know if you'll be a little boy or a little girl. I want to hold you, I want you to be here already. But, good, because I have a little more time to enjoy this special journey, and to prepare.
I saw you today. And it was perfect.

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Adriann said...

OMG! How beautiful was this! xoxo