Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ba Bump, Ba Bump...

As I lay on the exam table, my husband at my side, naked from the waist down, the Dr. searches for it. She moves around the doppler and all the while, I want to hold my breathe, just so I don't breathe too loud, so I don't miss it. I try to quietly answer and respond to her pleasant conversation.

Then suddenly...Ba bump, ba bump, ba bump...

I heard my baby's heart. Fast, loud, tiny little heart, beating. I heard our baby. JT grabbed my hand and I just smiled and kept fighting the tears. I'm really having a baby.

I've begun telling more people and it feels great to just let the news sink in. That I'm really, truly having a baby. I have so much planning and preparing to do. But first, we go to Nevada next weekend and celebrate the 4th of July and the baby.

I'm happy, excited, nervous, elated, and eternally greatful. We're having a baby!

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