Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who asked you?

So as I stood and worked the butt muscles on this weird machine at the gym, Adriann was talking to me, (or possibly laughing at me, not sure) an older lady comes up and tells Adriann in spanish the secret to losing weight. No joke. She tells her that in order to loose weight you have to drink 3 cups of water with lemon in the morning. Go figure. Adriann looks at me to translate, and I just look away. Unfortunately I'm not so good at translating what I think is blogna. So she tells Adriann and myself in broken english the wonderful recipe for weight loss. (Insert me rolling my eyes here) The lady walks away. Only to return a few seconds later to continue with her pearls of wisdom. At this point I can't take it anymore and I tell her we're late, Gotta Run!...And we leave.

Who decided that old people can just come up and be rude? Nosy old bag. That's all that kept wanting to come out of my mouth. But, I was relatively polite. I think if I see her again, I'll kick her in the shins and run away. Way to deflate two girls who are totally on the right track to getting healthy. Nosy old bag.

In other news, I went to the Dr. a couple days ago, and I'm happy to report the Dr. was all smiles and happy with my progress. I'm happy with it too.

We're on baby watch with Allyssa and also my friends Jose and Ana. I can't wait to meet their children. My first niece or nephew and Little James. I'm excited and so happy for them. And their many many many days of diaper changing ahead of them. Ha.

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