Friday, November 14, 2008


So there's this site:Craftastrophe. I've been seeing that people need REAL friends. Friends who will tell them the truth. Friends who will be brutally honest.


What would bring someone to make this? Then show their friends and have someone say "Oh, that's so good! You're so talented" Truth is, it's not good. They are not talented. Unless making the creepiest clock in the land is a talent. In which case, Bravo my dear. Bravo. How do you not have that one friend who tells you the honest to God truth?

Do yourself a favor. Find yourself that friend. It's so worth it.

Oh the fun I've had just saying "WHAA?" about the stuff on there. It's fantastic.

Also, what's with the anatomy lessons I seem to be getting from wallets?! Purses!? and Jewelry boxes. Ha. Never knew it was so sought after to have an anatomy lesson every time you pull out your wallet.


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