Saturday, February 6, 2010


I've been meaning to get online and simply type a little something to remind me of the beauty that was my child's birth. Something to put into writing the miracle that took place on the 18th of January. At this point I will simply say that if it hadn't been for my "birth team" and the amazing thing that is hormones and adrenaline and the grace of God, I would still be in that labor room refusing to push or refusing to do what my body was crying out for. It was not by my will alone that this little boy of mine is here. A lot of wonderful people worked really hard at getting him here, and I love them for it.

My husband, who was an amazing strength for me. Not only was he what kept me calm, but he literally pushed my head down into my chest to keep me pushing. I love him eternally for being so wonderful and strong that day.

My mother-in-law, Cindy, for bringing in her knowledge and love and really making me focus and making sure I knew that in the end, even though she really did a lot of work, that I am the one that pushed that baby out.

My mother, for praying her heart out and being a complete ball of tears the moment my child came out. I couldn't have experienced it all the way I did had it not been for her.

The group of nurses that literally got on the floor, got all up in it, and cheered me on. I know they were placed there by a higher power, because I'm just not that lucky.

Being that I never really got together and specified that this would be my "birth team", it all fell into place and I truly could not have had the birth experience that I did without them. I will type out my birth story and specify the wonderful aspects that I remember, but for now, there is a little man that is crying out to be fed. And I will run to him, feed him and make him happy.

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