Friday, March 6, 2009

Catching up

The 20th of February I went to a Woman's Retreat with my church. It was amazing. I had a great time. I reconnected with my best friend Cathy, I bonded with new women. I got to know the people who surround me during the week at church. I also caught up with some old friends.

Growing up I was one of the few girls at church. I grew up with the kids at church. I grew up in the midst of a bunch of boys. To this day, I find myself to fondly remember my childhood and I'll remember the bruises, scrapes, wrestling matches, games of Trip, etc. It's great to be remember the boys of my childhood. They all hold an extremely special place in my heart. Then there are the girls, the few, but extremely cherished girls.Though I may not have felt close to them, now when I see them I can't help but remember almost every adventure we had together. I had a wonderful childhood, and I am greatful to every person who had a hand in that. Especially the kids I grew up with who ended up being amazing adults.

At the retreat I saw two girls that I grew up with. I didn't recognize them until one of them came up to me and smiled. She's been battling with weight for a while and she's lost 153lbs, so I didn't even recognize her. I couldn't stop smiling and telling her how amazing she looked. I just was so happy for her. Then I saw her sister, who has lost 85lbs. How amazing is it that they have done this for themselves, and feel amazing for it? Incredible. I told them about how I had lost 40lbs, but am struggling to get over that next hump. They were telling me to keep going and no one else could do it for me, so just push myself...They inspired me. I've been at this point for almost a month. I haven't lost any more. I was frustrated. But, I've started kicking my butt again. I've started pushing myself again. And it's starting to slowly come off again.

I can tell my body is changing, and I'm overjoyed. I have been really busy and forget to put myself on my priority list. I know that by doing that everyone else wins too. So I have to make it a point to just take some time for myself and take care of me. It's good to have people to take care of, but if I don't take care of myself, I'm no good to anyone.

I am inspired.

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