Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Surrounding me

Have you ever been in a place full of people, yet you feel alone? It's the type of feeling that surrounds you and takes over. It's the kind of feeling you get and no matter what else you try to think about, or do, it just seems to be prevalent. I felt this way for a good 2 months or so. Despite the happy face I put on, or the, everything is peachy, front that I had up, I felt alone.

Last Tuesday night I was at church and I was standing up front because they asked all the people who were going to commit themselves to work for the year to help out the church to go up. So I stood up, walked up there, and kind of hung back towards the back of the huge group of people. While standing there, Karla walked up and just put her arm around me. She told me, "I'm so happy you're here. I really need a friend. A true friend. I haven't felt like I've had a true friend here." I started to cry. I told her, "I've been feeling the same way. I love coming to church and I love the people in my life, but lately I feel I don't have True Friends." And that's when she began to cry. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I'm not alone in the feelings I have. It's even more amazing that we were brought together at that very moment. It was then that I didn't feel so alone.

I am trying to put myself out there, and I'm trying to think positive. You know, see the beauty in life. Everything around me has something beautiful in it, I just have to look hard enough. Luckily sometimes, it doesn't take much searching for me to see it. Tuesday night was one of those times.

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