Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shiver me fevers

"umm, I peed on a stick this morning, because I was feeling sick and the thought that maybe it's a possibility that we may be having a little us (I'm a little late), kept me from taking 'the hard stuff' for this oncoming cold. We're not having a little us...But I can take mucho medicine. WHEE!"

So I'm getting sick, and I'm a little happy I am, because frankly I could probably use a day off. I need to look at things logically. I would love to have a kid now, but the reality is, we just made the decision to focus on JT's career and make sure he's secure in that before we do anything crazy, like have a kid and I quit my job. So I'm not even sure why I had this wishful thinking about me getting pregnant. Maybe it's just a thought I tend to have when I'm late.

The up side, I'm so having coffee. And NyQuil tonight. Oh and a cheeseburger. Ok, maybe not the cheeseburger. But I'll love the heck out of that coffee.

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