Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Excited happy

Matt and Allyssa are here visiting. Liam is with them and I am in love with this child. He is adorable and just has this precious ability to make everyone in a room smile. I know most children do this, but he's our family. He's our little guy.

I'm excited during the day to see them. I can't wait to get home and pick him up. I told Adriann that now I understand how she feels when she's anxiously wanting to go home and see Trinity. He may not be mine, and he may not be here for much longer with us in California, but my goodness I am counting the minutes (31) until I can go see his smiling face.

I am beyond happy that they were able to come visit. I am excited that they'll come out again and this time we can go to the beach. And anywhere else their hearts may desire. I'm just happy.

Thank you Liam, for making our family so much better and happier. We love you.

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